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I’ve started recording video messages for my kids. I had originally intended to do them just for milestone events (16th, 21st, wedding etc.), but now have found myself doing them more and more frequently. When I pass away, BePrepared will share them with my kids – It’s nice to know I can still be there for them.
Stephen Heade, 46
ALS Patient
BePrepared allows me to tell my family who to contact in order to take over my business website, and provide logins for my email account. I feel much calmer now knowing my business will continue to support my wife when I’m gone.
James Madding. 29
Business Owner
Ingrid ODonnelly
I use my BePrepared account to store important information about my children – like their medications and allergies, and their favourite ice cream flavour and toys – And my clients bookkeeping. It’s reassuring to know that if something happens to me and my husband, the right people will find out how to keep my kids healthy and happy, and my clients will be well looked after.
Ingrid O'Donnelly, 33
I’ve uploaded all my unreleased music to BePrepared - Hopefully I won’t need it, but if I do – at least I know my friends will hear my songs and be able to release them for me.
Jackson Fletcher, 24