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Peace of mind for you. Comfort for those left behind.

Peace of mind for you. Comfort for those left behind.

BePrepared is a highly encrypted and secure cloud storage platform where you keep all your digital records. In the event of your death, we quickly and securely deliver these assets to the loved ones you selected.

Leave people anything, including:

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Do you know what happens
to your photos or passwords
when you die?

While it may be confronting to think about (and we certainly don’t want to preach doom and gloom), we all possess countless digital assets. BePrepared helps you store and protect all this data in one secure place, and when the time comes, we will safely distribute these items to your loved ones.


What will happen to the 37,000+ photos & videos currently living on your phone? These represent important memories and moments for your loved ones left behind.


All of our most important communications, documents and bills go to our email or live in online services. How will your business partners access client communications without your Gmail account? How will your loved ones cancel your Netflix or Internet without the logins?

Care Instructions

What is your dogs favourite toy? What is the best way to give your cat medicine? How do you calm your daughter down when she's crying? These are the things only you know.

None of your relatives will be able to access your phone, computer, cloud storage or email accounts without the passwords…Even if they have legal permission from your will!

Our Process

Get Started In Just 3
Simple Steps


Create your account in less than 60 seconds

No credit card required. No laborious forms. Just a few quick questions and you’re off and running!


Choose the key contacts who will receive your digital records

Select friends, family, make groups, add legal representatives (such as lawyers, accountants, financial planners etc.) and select confidants.


Upload files, create documents, and choose who gets what.

Create folders, upload files from your computer, create documents, make notes and assign each item to people.

Sixty seconds to set up.
Hours of stress saved for those left behind.

Let’s face it. Death is something none of us really want to talk about.
But when it comes, we all want to ease the burden for those we love and leave behind.

No Credit Card Required

How will we know when you have passed away

How Will We Know When You Have Passed Away?

As you create your BePrepared account, you will choose ‘confidants’ – close contacts such as your lawyer, spouse, close family members or friends.

When you add these people to your account, they will be notified of their official status as a BePrepared confidant in the event of your death. 

These confidants are therefore aware of their responsibility to contact BePrepared in order to access your digital records when necessary. 

When you pass away – either your lawyer or one of your confidants let us know. BePrepared then attempts to contact you. Should we be unable to get in touch, we then require all your confidants and legal representatives to unanimously confirm your passing before data is released.

father and daughter on computer

How Secure is Your Information

The security of your digital assets is maintained using triple layers of encryption, and separate lock and key principles. 

Each user’s data is encrypted between their computer and our servers (SSL) then individually encrypted, first with their own key, secondly encrypted by the app, and lastly encrypted on the database. 

Should any piece of our infrastructure be compromised, your data is still safe, as the key is spread over seperate application resources.

Moreover, every time you log in, a single use code is also messaged to you for use in conjunction with your password – meaning if a hacker got a hold of your login details, they still would not be able to gain access.

Connected to your lawyer.
Enhanced security & account maintenance.

By adding your lawyer to your account, they can help you manage and maintain your account.
If you lawyer is already a trusted partner, you can receive 15% off your elected pricing plan.

No Credit Card Required

Trusted Partners


Find The Right Path For You

Save your loved ones, time, money, and confusion.

Creating a digital end-of-life file is the most helpful thing you can do for your family. It won’t make it easier for them to say goodbye to you, but it will make handling your material afterlife a lot easier. 

Our Customers Say it Best

Join Others Preparing For Whats Next

I’ve started recording video messages for my kids. I had originally intended to do them just for milestone events (16th, 21st, wedding etc.), but now have found myself doing them more and more frequently. When I pass away, BePrepared will share them with my kids – It’s nice to know I can still be there for them.
Stephen Heade, 46
ALS Patient
BePrepared allows me to tell my family who to contact in order to take over my business website, and provide logins for my email account. I feel much calmer now knowing my business will continue to support my wife when I’m gone.
James Madding. 29
Business Owner
Ingrid ODonnelly
I use my BePrepared account to store important information about my children – like their medications and allergies, and their favourite ice cream flavour and toys – And my clients bookkeeping. It’s reassuring to know that if something happens to me and my husband, the right people will find out how to keep my kids healthy and happy, and my clients will be well looked after.
Ingrid O'Donnelly, 33
I’ve uploaded all my unreleased music to BePrepared - Hopefully I won’t need it, but if I do – at least I know my friends will hear my songs and be able to release them for me.
Jackson Fletcher, 24

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