Build digital legacy products fast

BePrepared’s powerful API provides instant access to an extensive ‘digital legacy’ feature set, ready to be plugged straight into your application.

Spin up secure digital vaults instantly

Generate a secure digital vault for your client with a single call. Leverage our military-grade security to collect, set and protect your client's private data.

Programmatically handle user deaths

Dealing with lawyers, affidavits and death certificates is exhausting. We’ll notify you of all verified user deaths via a simple webhook - for you to handle “in-code” as you wish.

Pre-built frontend components

Building a file explorer is a real pain - we’d know! Build as fast as possible by leveraging our pre-built front-end components.

We love our developers

As developers ourselves, we know how frustrating a bad API can be. We put every effort into being the most straightforward product in your application’s package. Need help? We’re here for your via chat and email - no question is too small!

Join our beta program

BePrepared is a secure, white-labelled digital vault used to confidentially store and distribute your clients’ cryptocurrency, passwords and other digital assets when they die.