A strong set of principles guide us to be great.

As a company that handles and distributes digital assets, we refuse to compromise on safety or control in mind with every decision we make.

A letter from our founder & CEO

February 04, 2022

In 2018, I almost lost my life in a car accident. I still remember driving back to the office, numb fingers gripping the steering wheel as I focused on trying to control my jelly legs and racing thoughts. 

During that drive, it dawned on me how much bewilderment and confusion my parents would have encountered trying to access my emails, business servers and online accounts - let alone attempting to locate my US share portfolio, cancel my online subscriptions and remove my social media accounts. 

Back at the office, I called every lawyer on Google. What I thought would be a simple problem to solve quickly became a complex spider’s web of problems. Not only did I struggle to find a lawyer that could help me, but they all told me horror stories about the issues with digital assets they were currently dealing with. 

Looking back, those phone calls were the true moment BePrepared was founded (then Prepared.ly), and they remain the driving purpose behind our raison d'être. 

After many months of software development later, we launched in 2019 with the twin core foundations of airtight, “tin-foil-hat ready” cybersecurity and one-click ease of use. My mission was simple: The next person who calls their lawyer about an estate plan will have the opportunity to manage their digital estate too. 

From those humble beginnings, I’m thrilled to announce we have grown into the industry standard for managing and distributing digital assets upon death. 

Thanks to BePrepared, millions of people around the world now have access to a secure, digital vault to confidentially store and distribute their data at the end of their lives. 

Looking forward, we are excited to continue innovating with Estate professionals and tech companies around the world to standardise the digital estate and inheritance process.

Dylan O'Brien
Founder & CEO

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Our pillar principles

Security is our Top Priority

In everything we do, the security of our platform and the data we guard is THE number one priority. We never compromise our security for any reason.

Our Word is our Bond

Our business operates on security and trust. We never lie. We are honest in all our dealings - even if it means admitting mistakes or losing a potential client.

Do Great Work Smartly

When we work, we think deeply about what we’re trying to accomplish. We take pride in our implementation. We think twice, and code once.

Be Compassionate

We deal with people during one of the most emotionally complex times in their lives. In every interaction, we engage with compassion and care.

Digital assets are the future

First personal computer
First digitally native generation
The invention of public email (webmail)
Digital cameras become mainstream
The invention of
iPhone & app store
The invention of cryptocurrency
Governments begin to digitize
The world digitizes
300 online accounts per person
5.6 devices owned per person
First digitally native deaths occur
STEP begins calls for action over digital assets

You need to be prepared.

Many of our clients admit to previously avoiding discussions around digital assets because they didn’t have a solution. Now you, like them, can confidently lead your clients through a seamless estate planning experience - physical and digital.

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The online safe deposit box for your clients digital assets

BePrepared is a secure, white-labelled digital vault used to confidentially store and distribute your clients’ cryptocurrency, passwords and other digital assets when they die.