Collect and protect your client’s digital assets in days not months.

Digital asset guardianship is about to become the easiest extension of your existing estate services. Let us show you how.

Getting started the beprepared way

Professional-friendly digital asset management

1. Demo Call + Signup

Learn why we’re the industry standard for professionals. Understand the ins and outs of our platform, and if we’re a great fit, you can sign up to become an official BePrepared provider.

2. Our tech team builds your apps.

Our white label app will look and feel like an extension of your current estate practice, so your clients won’t get any of the culture shocks they’d experience with other third-party apps. It’s streamlined, simple, and completely done for you.

3. We get you onboarded.

Once our team has built your white-labelled applications for both Windows and Mac devices, we’ll schedule a Zoom call to walk you through, face-to-face, exactly how to use your new client vault.

4. We’ll be on-call to support you whenever you need us.

After your onboarding call, we’ll deliver a suite of handy white label materials for you to use to attract, educate and manage your digital asset estate practice clients. And, of course, our Australian staff are just a message away if you ever need help.

The BePrepared experience

The simplest platform in your arsenal

Add a Client

With just your client’s name and email address, their vault is created. The vault is automatically installed on their computer, and they are guided to make a password. That’s it!

Add client data for your client

Even before your client has installed the vault, you can upload files on their behalf to help them get organized - Powers of Attorney, Wills & any other important legal documents you hold.

Invite other professionals

Maximize efficiency by inviting your client’s financial planner, accountant, and other lawyers to collaborate with you. They can also upload files on your client’s behalf to help.

Clients upload their data

Your client uploads their own data, using a simple 1,2,3 process. Those clients less tech-inclined can email files to their vault. No one (including you) will be able to see their data while they are still alive.

Client add recipients

Your client adds the people they wish to share data with.

Upon demise, data is shared

Once the clients' death is verified, their data is shared with their chosen recipients.

Frequently asked questions

Preparation is the best protection

Does my estate practice take on any liability for security?

No. We handle all of the security liability.

Is my client’s data at risk if I close my account?

No. We give your clients mutliple different options to maintain their digital vault.

Does the vault supersede a Will in Authority?

No. The vault is designed to support a legal Will.

How long does it take to set up my BePrepared account?

After you sign up, your friendly BePrepared team will need just two working days to create your account and get it ready for you to use.

How do I access the BePrepared app?

We’ll set up your BePrepared app directly on your desktop device and website of choice. (And don’t stress if you’re a Mac or PC user – our app is available on both!)

How do I know your app is safe and secure?

Head on over here to learn more about our military grade security.

The online safe deposit box for your clients digital assets

BePrepared is a secure, white-labelled digital vault used to confidentially store and distribute your clients’ cryptocurrency, passwords and other digital assets when they die.